you know what I mean.

I was listening to the latest episode of Cast On the yesterday (ok, so I’m a little behind. It was put out more than a month ago), and Brenda mentioned her annual airing of the stash. I like that. For a couple of years I did the “Flash Your Stash”, an April 1 tradition in the knitting community. (Ok, I’m not sure if it’s still a tradition as I haven’t participated for a while, but it was popular a couple of years ago.) Essentially, you take pictures of your whole stash, and then you share them. In 2006, knit and tonic had an excellent photo of herself luxuriating with favorite stash in a bathtub. Fantastic.

I haven’t flashed my stash for a few years, and I think it’s time to do so. I have very few photographs of the yarn that’s stashed on Ravelry, and I really have no excuse for that other than laziness. I don’t think I have all of my stash catalogued, either – some of the newer yarns I’ve gotten (like from last weekend’s Heartland Fiberpalooza) aren’t in my Ravelry stash, and neither are some random selections for one reason or another. So I think I might shoot for that in April: air and flash the stash, and update my Ravelry catalogue. It’s a good opportunity to organize my yarn, at the very least. Since I have it squirreled away in various places in the house (the closet, a trunk, the entertainment center, an old-school suitcase … ), this would probably be a very good idea.

To get nice photos, I may try to make a lightbox with items from around the house. I might use this tutorial, or perhaps this one. I don’t have the fancy camera flashes the author of the first tutorial has, so I’ll have to adapt that, but I think I can do it. I’ll just have to keep the cats out of the box – a harder task than you might think.


Burgy, Queen of Yarn

Burgy likes to nest in pretty much any container she fancies. I’ve seen her in the yarn bucket, a laundry basket and a small letter-size basket. She’s a nut.

I will probably have to upgrade my Flickr account to pro status again, if I’ll be uploading a bunch of photos. I’m thinking a close-up of the fiber and then a whole-skein shot, so two per each stashed item … this will take a while.