A life that’s full

I’ve had a life that’s full
Everyone’s been good to me
So fire up that fiddle, boy
And give me one last drink
When the sun comes up
I will leave without a fight
The world is mine tonight

The chorus of a song I love right now, One Last Drink by Enter the Haggis. (This video is pretty cute.) The song just makes me smile, and I can’t help listening to it over and over. I last heard it on Cast On, one of my favorite knitting podcasts. I’m really becoming a fan of Irish-y bands. I’ve been enjoying a Flogging Molly album for a few years, and have recently been made aware of The Waterboys — we’ve been learning A Man Is In Love for the band. (Oh, the band. I’ll have to elucidate that some time. But I’m supposed to learn the tin whistle at some point, which will be fun, I think. I haven’t played an instrument since I gave up the flute after seventh grade.)

Challah is a workout when you don't have a mixer.

Muggle Studies homework was fun, and reminiscent.

My fingers were really aching yesterday morning; as you can see from the photo above, I’ve been “having my way”, so to speak, with some kitchen cotton. These washcloths were actually for the HPKCHC — that is, the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup over on Ravelry. The cup is so much fun, and I’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way.

I knit the above for the Muggle Studies class. Here’s what I wrote when I turned in my homework:

When I was younger, my Muggle father and I had television time on Friday nights — a sort of Muggle bonding ritual. My particular favorite “show” was only five minutes long, and aired right before my father’s favorite, which always lasted long after I had fallen asleep.

Back in those days, I’d eagerly await Jack Horkheimer‘s appearance on a show then called Star Hustler (since re-named Star Gazer, at the incessant cries of Muggles). Debussy’s Arabesque still makes me pause in wonder at the amazing astronomical events right above our Earth-bound heads. “Keep looking up!” he’d say at the end of each show. I never really stopped.

So in tribute to those early days of exposure to astronomy and science fiction, I present a trio of washcloths representing these shows: Star Hustler, Dr. Who and Star Trek (though my true favorite will always be TNG).

Now I find that it’s late and I’m quite awake. It’s a good thing there are some nice stargazing opportunities this weekend. I may go take advantage soon, before I crawl into bed and attempt to sleep. (Of course, there are a few freshly-downloaded podcasts calling my name, so it may be a while.)