It is June.

Remember that time I promised photos of stash? Yeah, that’s not going to happen for a while. I didn’t get to it in April, and I head to the northlands for Dorian next Thursday. My next chance at a good yarn stash organization is looking like August. August! (Or maybe I should do it in small chunks …)

Speaking of yarny things, I made a swan. This one’s crocheted. I made it for the May Charms class for the House Cup on Ravelry – the challenge was to “craft something that represents a link between two people or locations”. I chose the swan to represent my great-grandmother Valerie. She always had a lot of swan figurines around the house, and even a few of those swan-shaped planters out on the patio.


Gustava the Swan

I recently decided to make an ancestral altar, having heard a few folks talk about them on a couple of different podcasts. I thought something handmade would be a nice addition to it. So far I’ve got the swan and a watch that belonged to my grandfather, who died last August. It’s not a very big start – I don’t even have any photos yet. Well, ok I have a few on my computer, but I’d like to print them out and put them in a nice frame or something.

Right now I’m really getting into Dorian/summer camp/escape from work mode. I’ve been thinking about door decorations, and decided there may be an “incognito” theme. And by incognito, I mean mustaches. Bandwagon? Yup. I’ll totally get on the mustache bandwagon. (Who am I kidding? I already am. I bought this shirt on Woot a few weeks ago. Handlebar mustache! I love puns.)

I probably won’t get another post out before camp – although if I really want to ignore work on my birthday next Monday maybe I’ll post then. Either way, hopefully I can get myself together and have another one this month.