Spring has sprung

… and it’s about time.

White violets

Look at the pretty purple veining.

Wild violets might be my favorite flower of spring, because they come fairly early on in the season. I have both purple and white violets at my house. I love the white ones the most, because when I was growing up we only ever had the purple ones in our yard, and to see a white one was really special. I have a lot of the white ones now.

The magnolias are almost done blooming for the year; they were in their prime last week. Now petals litter the ground, and a few final blossoms cling to the branches.

Magnolia petals

Petals blanket the ground at my friend's house down the street.

My own yard has a somewhat different carpet. I have the bane of many folks’ existence: dandelions and what I’ve always known as ‘Creeping Charlie’ (it’s also called ground ivy). I don’t mind them so much, though. The complementary colors of the lavender flowers in the ivy and the bright yellow are kind of nice to look at. Sometimes I almost forget they’re weeds. The violets that were the main floral focus have been over taken by this dastardly duo, though I can still spot a few (mostly white) violets here and there.


My yard, meanwhile, is full of weeds.

One of my other favorite spring things is the lilac. My mom’s a big lilac fan; last year for Mother’s Day she and I went to the lilac arboretum and wandered around, sniffing and admiring the myriad varieties there.


Lilacs are blooming.

This year it seems like the lilacs are blooming a bit early. Of course, we had a really cracked out winter. I’m pretty sure the verylargeshrubbery that spans my front porch (um, it’s actually a huge forsythia), bloomed already this year, and very early at that. Now there are only a few flowers along the bottom of the shrub. Usually it looks something like this. I wonder if the lilacs will hold on through Mother’s Day. I usually take a few sprigs to my mom throughout the spring when they’re blooming …