Adventures in driving

I joined a couple of friends on a road trip to Minnesota this past weekend. We took the looong way there, too. Generally if I want to go to the Twin Cities, I’ll just drive north for about 5 hours. This time, though, I drove east to the Quad Cities area. Then we drove north up the eastern side of Iowa, dropped off a dog with her, er, “grandparents”, and trekked back west to the interstate — the very same one I’d usually take directly north. I think the trip took about 7 hours from the Quad Cities to the Twin Cities. Lots of car knitting time for me.

We got a chance to get rush tickets for La bohéme at the Minnesota Opera (the Ordway — so pretty!) on Friday, and we really enjoyed the show. One of the performers was a classmate of ours in undergrad, and it was really fantastic to see him perform in a professional show. (We decided that he was third male, which is a pretty sizable part. He got his own aria and everything.)

Mario hats

Bandbabe and Aramad were happy to model the hats.

Generally we just spent the rest of the weekend hanging out, drinking champagne, and catching up. I also got to give the above hats (Chain Chomp and Goomba) to their intended recipients, and I think they really liked them. Bandbabe and Aramad were more than happy to model them for me before I gave them away. I’m really happy with how the knitting turned out on them both.

Meanwhile I’m knitting hard on Glimfeather, and I really hope I can manage to finish it by the end of the month. That’s not very far from now, and I’m officially halfway through the rows. I’ve got a new 47-inch circular needle, which is really excellent. The stitches were getting really crowded on the other, which was 32 inches or something like that. I should probably take another photo now that I can actually give an idea of the size, since the stitches can be all spread out at the moment.

That’s all for now; I’ve got knitting to do.


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